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When we started in the oil hauling business we checked around for the best pump on the market and we chose a T&E pump.

We have been doing custom rigups for the past 10 years and have over 100 systems out there working. We offer both a 60 hp high torq hydraulic system, and also a direct drive system. We can offer a complete system right down to the H2S monitor and spill kit or just the component you need to go to work straight from our shop.

We will design the system to meet your needs and will not sell you more than you need to do your job. We believe you deserve the utmost in service. We have a large repeat customer base based on the service and respect that we give our customers. We can also design systems for you using other pumps makes.

The Pumps

T&E offers a wide variety of pumps for different applications. They have a 4" inlet and outlet pump, with either steel or rubber gears, as well as a specialty combo cap for more stability when running in high pressure situations. T&E also offer a 90 angle pump which enables fitting in difficult places or when room for mounting is an issue, and they offer a 4.5" inlet and outlet pump with larger gears for moving higher volumes.

T&E's outboard gear driven pump, which is a drive gear assembly that is timed so the internal gears do not touch each other, extends the life of the pump and saves on servicing. This outboard drive is available on both series of pumps.

These pumps are superior for sandy abrasive liquids, and an oil lubrication system is available which eliminates the need to grease the pump.

The T&E pumps are environmentally friendly, they do not leak, and several of the parts are reusable which not only saves the consumer money, but also reduces waste.

All pumps come with a standard warranty and can be repaired in our shop reducing your down time. A rebuild at Lowdermilk Welding and Machine shop usually takes only a few hours instead of days.

T & E Product Pumps at Lowdermilk Welding and Machine Shop

Servicing T&E pumps

We sell, service and install T & E pumps, and we also install PTO and Hydraulic Rig-ups.

Sales, Service and Installation - Kenaston, Saskatchewan

If the T & E Pump wasn't the best pump made we wouldn't sell it.

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